Wednesday, December 17, 2014


This is a goodbye to this blog.

No, it's not because I am getting married. But I decided nearly a year ago that while I enjoyed writing on it, there were two reasons I was no longer interested in continuing it. The first was that while "Mormon Over the Hill Singles" was meant as a joke, there is some validity to the belief that we believe what we tell ourselves, even in jest. I am single. In my twenties I did indeed think I'd be long and happily married by this time, a parent and a grandparent. It didn't happen. Some of that has to do with my fears, some to poor choices, some to the choices of others (for who wants to be in a relationship with someone who doesn't want to be with you?) The reasons why are mostly moot; but there are reasons I do Not want to be single: because I have convinced myself I'm too old or that I've messed up too much or that somehow the Lord's promises or null and void because they had an expiration date on them. And whether I intended it or not, my joking about being "over the hill" had slowly solidified over the three year course of the blog - although in fairness, the feelings probably went back further than that.

Reason two is that I realized the majority of my posts were about things that were not exclusive to single people, or even to members of the church. I still want to write about spiritual things. I still want to write about personal growth and challenges and triumphs. I still want to write in praise of friends and family and God on my journey.

So even if I take this blog "down", it will live on, in another form. The new blog will be called "Where I Am Planted", taken from a conversation with a friend last year, but as it turns out when I went to select a url for my blog, not an exclusive idea. I had to try a number of combinations before I found something available, but it actually gives me a boost, a bit of hope, a confirmation in God's goodness, for giving that concept to many of His children. How cool is that?

Thank you to my followers over the past three years. You were few but I always appreciated your comments, and I hope I offered no offense along the way. And I didn't start blogging to be famous (or infamous). I started blogging because life is an incredible journey, and although at times difficult, or even unpleasant, it always offers growth. And it's always good, even if it takes awhile to see the good.

My new blog can be found at: